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Headwaters Housing Development Corporation

The Headwaters Housing Development Corporation (HHDC), incorporated on April 20, 1998, is a subsidiary corporation of Headwaters Regional Development Commission (HRDC). The HHDC is a non – profit housing development corporation with 501(c)3 status, that was created specifically to deal with an inadequate supply of affordable housing throughout the Region.

The Vision of the Organization

The Headwaters Housing Development Corporation is passionate about quality affordable housing options for all residents of the Region. We show this passion by displaying leadership, being intentional and strategic about setting a course of action, being effective, and using open, honest and candid conversations to achieve success for ourselves, our partners and our customers.

From this vision a mission statement was developed which is:

To ensure quality affordable housing options for low and moderate income households throughout the entire Headwaters Region, either independently or through strategic partnerships.

The HHDC is governed by a five member board appointed from each of the five counties in the Region by the Headwaters Regional Development Commission.

The HHDC contracts with the Headwaters Regional Development Commission for staff support. Staff manages all HHDC activities including organization management, program development, implementation, and creation of new initiatives. The staff team is led by Mary Thompson, Operations Director.

The HHDC has a great deal of experience building and selling affordable single family homes to low and moderate income households, starting with the School Built Construction Program. As a result of past and current projects, the HHDC has developed tremendous regional support, which has helped to increase local commitment in the production of affordable housing.

To learn more about the services of the HHDC or to have them partner with your community, please contact Mary Thompson at (218) 333 – 6537.

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