Headwaters RDC's Commitment to Entire Region Reflected in Lake of the Woods County Activities

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"We're committed to working in, and the success of, our entire region." The Headwaters RDC Board and staff talk a lot about the above commitment. Do we really walk the talk? Do our actions support or refute that statement?

Our annual meeting this year is in Lake of the Woods County. At about 4100 people, this is our smallest county, and the one most distant from our office. We thought this was a good time to see how we're doing serving this part of the Headwaters Region.

We're happy to report that we have a number of interesting efforts going on in our northern-most county. The following articles give a brief overview of some of them.
Of course, these things don't happen without great local leadership. We've always enjoyed working with folks in Lake of the Woods County – the area is populated by people that are optimistic and looking forward. It's always a good day when we get to drive north.

Starting below you can check out our commitment to our smallest county. Of course, other parts of this report provide an overview of activities in our other four Counties.


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We're committed to working in, and the success of, our entire region.


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