Hubbard County Housing & Redevelopment Authority

The Hubbard County Housing and Redevelopment Authority is a municipal corporation created by the Hubbard County board, in 1995, under the authority granted in Minnesota Statues. The HRA is governed by a Board of Directors of up to 7 members appointed by the Hubbard County Board. The current Board of Directors is:

  • Ray Melander, Chairman
  • Daryl Bessler, Vice Chair
  • Charly Henry, Secretary
  • Charlene Christenson, Board Member
  • Connie Harsha, Board Member
  • Kathy Grell, Board Member
  • Craig Mackey, Board Member

Housing Rehabilitation

Hubbard County HRA administers three single-family owner-occupied housing rehabilitation programs on an ongoing basis. These programs assist low and moderate income households throughout Hubbard County , make essential home repairs and correct health and safety concerns. The three housing rehabilitation programs include the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency's Rehabilitation Loan Program, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund Rehabilitation Program and the Hubbard County HRA In-house loan program. With these resources the HRA helped 15 households in 2010. To apply for housing rehabilitation assistance complete this form, or contact Jackie Meixner at (218) 333-6530.

Affordable Mortgage Financing

For almost twenty years Hubbard County has received an annual allocation of low interest mortgage financing through the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency's Minnesota Cities Participation Program (MCPP). In 2011 Hubbard county received $296,500 to support first time home buyers purchase a home in Hubbard County. The county has requested an allocation of funds for use in 2012. Loans are made available through participating local lenders.

Down Payment Assistance

Hubbard County HRA administers a down payment assistance program designed to promote home ownership. Through this program the HRA offers loans that are deferred with no interest for five years. Repayment of the principal begins after 5 years at 4% interest.

Additional information may be found in the Policies and Procedures or by contacting Jackie Meixner at (218) 333-6530. To apply for down payment assistance complete the application and submit the completed form along with all required attachments according to the directions provided.


The HRA owns and operates the Cornerstone Transistional Housing Program. In 1995 the HRA received deferred loan funds through the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency in order to build the eight-unit affordable housing development. Households pay 30% of their monthly income for rent, and receive case management services through Mahube Community Council. For additional information on the Cornerstone program contact Nikki Clancy at (218) 444-4732.

For a Cornerstone application please click here.

Home Buyer Services

The Headwaters Regional Development Commission contracts with the Hubbard County HRA to provide home ownership education through the Home Stretch program. Home Stretch provides information that helps households make informed decisions on when and if home ownership is the right decision, helping to ensure success for those who choose to take that step. For information on how to register for Home Stretch classes please click here.

Nevis School Partnership

The HRA has built 13 single family homes in partnership with Nevis Schools. Under the leadership of Olaf Netteberg, the students gain practical construction experience and give something back to their community. In the 2010-2011 school year, students are completing this home located at 304 Main Avenue in Nevis. The house will be sold to a moderate income home buyer this spring. Proceeds from the sale will be used to support a future construction project.


The HRA administers several contracts for deed for single family houses purchased and rehabilitated through the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency's homesteading program. Through this now-defunct program, rehabilitation homes were sold to lower income families who were unable to purchase a house without substantial assistance. MURL homes were sold to families with 0% interest loan. The Hubbard County HRA assisted 16 families purchase homes through the MURL Program.

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