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"The First Step in Buying a Home"

Join the thousands who think Home Stretch before they buy.
Buying a home seems more complicated than ever before.
With Home Stretch, you can feel confident about home ownership.
Get informed before you buy. Know what you can afford, how to choose the right mortgage and if you are ready.


FRAMEWORK™ is a high quality, fun way to learn how to be a smart, confident and successful homeowner. It provides the facts you need to become well-informed about every step in the process. To get started visit FRAMEWORK™ or to learn more, view this short Overview Video.

Many lenders have approved FRAMEWORK™ to meet their requirements for homebuyer education. Check with your lender to make sure online homebuyer education is accepted. 

Ask The Expert

Workshop Fee:$35.00 per household

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these classes are offered.
Bemidji Park Rapids

First time Home Buyer Educational Course!

Recommended for every first time home buyer and also required for some lending programs!

Attend this class to learn more about how to prepare for becoming a Homeowner.

Topics covered include:

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of becoming a Homeowner
  • How to develop a spending plan
  • Understanding and improving credit scores
  • Introduction to various lending products
  • Real Estate 101
  • Understanding the closing process
  • Life as a Homeowner

Various key speakers are invited from the banking, real estate, and housing industry that will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Homestretch is also offered through area Community Education.
Please check with your local school district for dates and times.

Contact: Nikki Clancy -
General: 218-444-4732 / Direct: 218-333-6544

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