If you ask any citizen of our Region what the most important attribute of our area is, one of the first things they’ll talk about is the natural environment.  Not only do the lakes and forests of the Headwaters Region substantially contribute to our quality of life, they also are one of our chief competitive advantages.

The challenge is to wisely use these resources while conserving them for future generations.  Sustained population growth and related development pressures make this challenge increasingly important.

The Headwaters RDC has positioned itself as both resource planner and broker for some natural resource disputes.  As in the case of our water planning activities, we have helped counties chart a path to protect and enhance the quality of counties’ water resources.  In the case of our local wetland planning activity, we help find mutual gain positions between competing interests.  And in yet another capacity, we have helped counties and cities enhance trail and park systems.

Please select any of the projects below that interest you to read more about our natural resource activities.

Clearwater County Develops Bold Plan for County Forest Land
HRDC Assists Counties in Local Water Plan Updates
Beltrami County Adopts Breakthrough Recreational Trails Plan

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